July 31, 2006

Putting The Pieces Together

This support group is a wonderful resource for many parents
of “differently-abled” children in the Bergen County area.
From serving as a comfortable place where parents can
discuss the needs, joys and challenges of raising their children, to a location in which to boost their knowledge and training
of disabilities and interventions, to a provider of recreational programs for the children, this program has it all for the families it serves. It is our pleasure, as a public school program
serving many of the children and families that participate,
to support their wonderful programs!

Scott Rossig, M.Ed., BCBA
Principal South Bergen Jointure Commission

As a Developmental Pediatrician, I am always looking for opportunities to support families who have been affected by autism. PuttingThePiecesTogether has been a great resource for families. This group has been devoted to helping families feel included and supported as they navigate the world of special needs. They are a great resource for families and I will continue to recommend them to my families.

Hugh Bases, MD

Hugh Bases, MD, FAAP
Developmental/Behavioral Pediatrics
Institute for Child Development
Hackensack University Medical Center